View of ULUM Moab's social spaces


A uniquely refined experience that invites guests to discover their outdoor selves in comfort and style

View of Looking Glass Rock, just a 3 minute walk from ULUM Moab

Our Story

Designed By Nature

ULUM® is born from the belief that disconnecting in nature allows for greater connection. That enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to be at the expense of refined comfort. With design illuminated by the landscape it inhabits, ULUM® takes root in nature to provide guests with a fresh take on outdoor discovery.

Inspired by the majestic crescent rimrock that shelters and shapes our first resort, and the sun and moon that illuminate the desert landscape, ULUM® exemplifies and elevates the best of Under Canvas for refined adventure travelers looking to bridge quality and comfort with the restorative virtues of immersion in nature.

ULUM® softens the lines between the indoors and outdoors, allowing nature to live in balance with the small luxuries of an exceptional outdoor resort.

Moab Landdscapes

We believe breathtaking vistas and outdoor experiences can be accessed and shared while continuing to be protected and fostered

View of a suite tent at ULUM Moab

Responsible Development, Innovative Design

ULUM® is rooted in a commitment to thoughtful, low-impact development and innovative design that embraces the resort’s natural surroundings. It features architecture that seamlessly integrates into the landscape, and design elements that embrace the natural elements and minimize impact on the environment.

Local flora that can be found on-site at ULUM Moab

We trust that enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to be at the expense of warm service, wholesome culinary options, upscale accommodations, or thoughtful design