Delicate arch sunset

Delicate Arch Sunset Hike for the Best Sunset in Moab

There's a iconic place in Moab that captures the essence of adventure and serenity in a single, breathtaking view: the sunset at Delicate Arch. As the sun dips below the horizon, it bathes the world-famous arch in a warm, golden glow, offering an unforgettable spectacle that epitomizes the beauty of Arches National Park. Here’s your guide to witnessing perhaps the best sunset in Moab.

The Journey to Delicate Arch

Getting to Delicate Arch is as rewarding as the destination itself. The only way to reach the arch is by hiking the Delicate Arch Trail. You can find the Delicate Arch Trailhead at the Wolfe Ranch Parking Lot. Signs will be posted for both the trailhead and Delicate Arch Viewpoint, which are different spots, with the viewpoint offering distant views of the arch if you don’t wish to hike to it. Parking spots fill up quickly, especially before sunset, so make sure to arrive early. Give yourself enough time to hike before sunset to witness the massive arch all aglow from the setting sun.

The Delicate Arch Hike is a three-mile round trip journey offering a moderate hike with some steep and exposed sections. The path winds through dramatic desert landscapes, with the La Sal Mountains providing a stunning backdrop. Along the way, hikers can observe the Wolfe Ranch Petroglyphs, a variety of desert flora and fauna, and unique geological formations like Frame Arch, which provides a prime photo opportunity of Delicate Arch through a window-like opening. The final ascent to the arch rewards visitors with increasingly spectacular views.

When planning your visit, consider exploring the park on the 36-mile Arches Scenic Drive and finishing at the Delicate Arch for the grand finale. It’s one of the most memorable and romantic things to do in Moab.

Capturing the Perfect Moment

For those who cherish memories captured in time, the Delicate Arch at sunset presents an unparalleled opportunity for photography. The natural lighting at this time of day accentuates the arch's contours and warm desert colors, creating a beautiful visual spectacle. The light is ever-changing and presents exciting scenes as the sun sinks below the horizon. Make your way around the arch and move up and down the basin to capture unique angles. Having some people in your photos can add to the immense scale of this magnificent landmark.

Planning Your Visit to Delicate Arch

Here are a few important tips for your Delicate Arch sunset hike:

- Park Access: You'll need a national park pass or to pay the entry fee upon entering Arches National Park. You will also need a timed entry vehicle reservation for the park if entering between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily from April to October 2024.

- Timing is Everything: Start your hike with enough time to reach the arch before the sunset's golden hour begins. The trail takes approximately 45 minutes to hike one way, so plan accordingly to catch the arch bathed in the setting sun's glow.

Chasing Moab Sunsets Beyond the Arch

The Delicate Arch sunset hike is one facet of a perfect Moab itinerary. For another thrilling sunset experience, consider taking a Hummer Sunset Safari. This adventure allows you to comfortably traverse Moab's rugged backcountry in a 4x4, touring the iconic red rock fins of Hell's Revenge. It's a unique way to explore the desert landscape as the sun dips below the horizon, adding a touch of adventure to your Moab sunset experience.

Immerse yourself in the majestic landscapes of Arches National Park with a guided Arches Discovery Tour. This tour offers a deep exploration of the park's iconic red rock formations, ensuring an experience where everything is organized for you. Enjoy a mix of driving to visit the park's major highlights, capped off with an optional, leisurely guided hike at sunset.

At ULUM Moab, where Looking Glass Arch serves as a magnificent backdrop, every sunset is an opportunity to capture stunning photographs of Southwest Utah’s breathtaking desert landscape. Stay at ULUM Moab and enjoy a cocktail by the fire as you view the cotton-candy-colored sunset, then retreat to your cozy, safari-inspired tent for a wonderful night’s sleep under the stars.

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