Moab off roading

Exploring Moab UTV Trails and Beyond

Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Rev up your engine for an off-road experience like none other. A paradise for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike, Moab is home to breathtaking red rock arches, majestic spires, and two iconic national parks. However, it’s the world-class slickrock that sets Moab apart, inviting adventurers to leave the pavement behind to explore vast expanses of Utah's landscape inaccessible by traditional cars. Join us in exploring rugged terrain and hidden gems, revealing why Moab is the ultimate playground for recreational vehicles.

Moab UTV Trails and Parks

Moab's variety of trails offer an adrenaline-packed adventure for everyone—from seasoned off-road warriors to novice adventurers. Here’s a list of recommended off-road trails near Moab:

Hell’s Revenge

Conquer the famous Hell's Revenge, a nine-mile loop trail in which you scale red rock fins and ascend to captivating overlooks, either in your own vehicle or on a Hummer safari . Experience the thrill of weaving through rock canyons and discovering ancient dinosaur tracks while the desert sun paints the evening sky on one of the best off-road trails in Moab.

Hurrah Pass

Experience this 19.3-mile out-and-back journey, offering breathtaking views, challenging terrain, and an immersive experience in the heart of Moab's unique landscape. This route is an all-day adventure that rewards riders with plenty of bird spotting, places to hike, and solitude in the vastly beautiful Kane Creek Canyon.

Fins and Things

Venture out on this 9.8-mile loop that promises an adrenaline-pumping ride through visually stunning terrain, providing a unique off-road experience that's hard to find elsewhere. There are many fun obstacles to tackle, with plenty of climbs and descents. This area is especially popular for Jeeps and dirt bikes.

Gemini Bridges

Embark on the moderately challenging, 13.2-mile point-to-point adventure on BLM land known as Gemini Bridges. This enchanting journey leads you to iconic natural arches and breathtaking vistas, promising memories that will last a lifetime. For the best view of the bridges, make your way to Bull Canyon Trail.

Whitewash Sand Dunes

Prepare yourself for an off-roading escapade as you venture into the vast playground of Whitewash Sand Dunes on BLM land. Spanning 1,400 acres, these dunes offer off-road enthusiasts an open riding area with plenty of space. The endless sea of golden sand is a blank canvas for adventure, allowing riders to test the limits of their off-road vehicles and skills.

White Rim Trail

Explore the 100-mile White Rim Trail, encircling Island in the Sky Mesa in Canyonlands National Park, which offers sweeping vistas of the surrounding landscape. Spend a few hours exploring or take a few days to complete the entire trail. Note: Four-wheel-drive vehicles like Jeeps, motorbikes, and e-bikes are welcome on White Rim Road, but ATVs, UTVs, and OHVs are not permitted. A day-use permit is mandatory for all vehicles embarking on single-day trips.

Know Before You Go Off-Roading in Moab

Before embarking on your off-road adventure, plan ahead and complete the Utah OHV Education Requirement . If you are riding in your own vehicle, be sure to register it and tread lightly to preserve the fragile desert landscape. Check with authorities for maps and always follow trail markers. Moab's off-road experience is not just about excitement but also responsible exploration.

Stay at ULUM Moab: Adventure and Relaxation

In Moab, the experience extends beyond heart-pounding adventures. It’s a one-of-a-kind destination where you can conquer the trails during the day, then retreat to a luxurious outdoor resort for the night. The ideal place to stay: ULUM Moab, located 25 miles south of town. Here, adventure echoes as you unwind in hot and cold dipping pools, savor elevated dining, and relax in your private tent adorned with luxury amenities with scenic desert views. The rejuvenation continues with complimentary programming, from guided yoga and soothing sound baths to creative activities like jewelry-making and painting. Moab invites you to seamlessly weave the thrill of off-road exploration with moments of relaxation and creative indulgence, creating a truly immersive and balanced retreat experience.

Embrace the duality of Moab – where heart-pounding excitement meets serene relaxation – offering something for everyone. Reserve your stay and get ready to experience Moab like never before.

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