Our Guide to Hot Springs Near Moab

Set off on a unique adventure to discover a haven of tranquility—soaking in the natural hot springs near Moab in the American Southwest. These mineral-rich oasis stops offer a perfect fusion of relaxation and natural splendor, creating an unparalleled experience for those craving a refreshing detour on their road trip.

For travelers hitting the road from home or major nearby cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, or Phoenix, we've handpicked a selection of the finest hot springs near Moab, turning your journey into a wellness adventure. The magic of these hot springs is best savored during the cooler months of spring and fall, offering a prime opportunity to immerse yourself in mineral goodness amidst stunning landscapes. If you're ready to soak in the serene vibes of beautiful surroundings, dive into our guide below. Keep in mind that most of these hot springs are approximately three hours away, so a bit of planning will seamlessly add a relaxing stop to your Moab itinerary.

Durango Hot Springs

Durango, Colorado

Distance: 166 miles | 3 hours from Moab

A short detour from Phoenix or Denver, nestled in the scenic Animas Valley of the Colorado Rockies, Durango Hot Springs awaits with multiple pools featuring varying temperatures. What sets this destination apart is the infusion of nano-meter and micro-meter oxygen bubbles in its thermal waters, enhancing health benefits and water purity. Boasting over 40 unique water features, including 32 mineral pools, cold plunges, a resort-style pool, and private Japanese-inspired cedar tubs, this hot spring oasis offers a personalized relaxation experience. While day-use fees and reservations are a must, the chance to unwind in warm waters amidst breathtaking landscapes makes it a must-stop on your journey to Moab.

Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs

Spanish Fork, Utah

Distance: 188 miles | 3 hours from Moab

As you journey towards Moab, consider a detour to the Diamond Fork Hot Springs, conveniently en route from Salt Lake City, or take a day trip from Moab for a one-of-a-kind adventure. A scenic 2.5-mile hike leads you to natural pools nestled in Diamond Fork Canyon. Unlike some hot springs, access here is free, offering a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in a rustic setting. Surrounded by lush canyons, cascading waterfalls, and wooden bridges, these springs provide a serene natural setting, making the journey as memorable as the destination. Locate the trailhead by searching for “Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail Start” in your navigation system.

Mystic Hot Springs

Monroe, Utah

Distance: 187 miles | 3 hours from Moab

For those traveling from Bryce Canyon or Salt Lake City, a detour to Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe beckons with bohemian charm. Vintage buses and cabins house soothing hot springs, offering two concrete pools and five vintage cast iron bathtubs for photo-worthy moments surrounded by the stunning natural landscape. While entrance fees and reservations are required, the artistic vibes against the red rock backdrop create a haven for those seeking a truly distinctive and mystical soaking experience.

Red Hill Hot Springs

Monroe, Utah

Distance: 187 miles | 3 hours from Moab

Red Hill Hot Springs is a hidden gem up the road from the more famous Mystic Hot Springs. Locals and families will be found just down the road at Red Hill Hot Springs. Drive along Main Street, then turn east.

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