Mom and child packing for an upcoming trip to ULUM Moab

What to Pack For A Stay At ULUM Moab

A trip to Arches National Park and Canyonlands in Moab, Utah is an adventure that won’t be forgotten. Enjoy beautiful red rock formations, deep canyons and towering plateaus creating a dramatic landscape - a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. While the red sandy desert environment of Moab, Utah is certainly one to behold, it can also come with a wide range of weather. Use our packing lists to help you prepare for your glamping trip in Moab so that you enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

*This Moab Packing List is designed for glamping in Moab and exploring nearby Arches National Park and Canyonlands during the days. ULUM Moab offers an upscale outdoor hospitality experience bringing you comforts of home in the beauty of the desert Southwest.

Many items can be bought at the ULUM Moab gift shop. Be sure to stop by the lobby and check out our gear during your stay.

What to Pack for Summer in Arches National Park

Summer is the most popular time to visit Moab and the surrounding national parks. Summer brings more sun, less precipitation and much warmer days. Moab is a desert environment so during the summer, temperatures can be very high during the day with chilly temperatures at night. Layers are key for your glamping adventure in Moab. Make sure to bring lightweight clothing that protects the skin from the sun during your daytime adventures and extra layers to keep you warm during the night while you are exploring the property or sitting by the fire.


You’ll want to bring some T-shirts for comfortable wear around the resort but also during your adventures. Try to avoid cotton if possible and go for a moisture-wicking material so that your clothes dry faster after your adventures. Due to the summer heat you will want lightweight, breathable material and possibly a long sleeve option as well to guard your skin from the sun.

If you want to grab a souvenir or just need an extra T-shirt for your stay, stop by our lobby and browse through our ULUM branded clothing.

Lightweight or Zip-off Hiking Pants

Lightweight breathable pants are perfect for a trip to Moab whether you are just exploring the town, or you are hiking and biking through Arches National Park. Full length pants that cover the legs are great for early morning or evening expeditions and shorts during the day are ideal as the temperatures rise.

Comfortable Hiking Shoes & Socks

With a diverse landscape, from juniper covered flatland to red rock formations, to miles and miles of rocky ridges, sturdy hiking shoes and quality moisture-wicking socks are essential when exploring Arches National Park and Canyonlands.

Lightweight Fleece

It’s all about layers in Moab due to its desert climate. A lightweight fleece is perfect for early morning adventures or nighttime around ULUM Moab. It will give you just enough warmth on a summer’s evening to be comfortable and still be able to enjoy our fire-pit and the tent’s wood-burning stoves.

Sun Hat / Baseball Cap

Bring a hat that shades your head and face from the sun during the warm summer months. Also, this keeps you from having to do your hair after your white-water rafting or hiking the trails.

Pick up your ULUM branded hat before heading out for your day of adventures.

Comfortable Outdoor Shoes (For walking around the resort)

After a long day of exploring Moab and its surrounding parks you will be ready to kick back and relax, take off your hiking boots and give your feet a rest. Bring some comfortable tennis shoes or Chaco-like sandals to wear around the ULUM Moab while you are relaxing.

Slippers / Warm Socks

While the tents stay warm at night from the wood-burning stoves and plush bedding, you will want to bring some warm socks or slippers to wear around the tent before bed.

What to Pack for Spring or Fall in Arches National Park

While summer months are very warm in Moab during the day, spring and fall brings cooler highs and lows. Many people find spring and fall the best times to visit Moab due to its lower daytime highs and reduced crowds. There is not a bad time to visit Moab but if you are staying during spring or fall be sure to pack a few extra layers to stay cozy and warm. In addition to the above summer packing list we suggest you also pack the following for spring and fall visits to Moab and Arches National Park.

Long Sleeve T-shirts

Long sleeve t-shirts are a good thing to pack for chillier days exploring Arches National Park and Canyonlands and for the evenings around our outdoor resort. Not only will long-sleeve shirts keep you warm from the cooler temperatures, but it will also guard your skin from the sun. While temperatures are cooler in the shoulder-seasons, the sun is just as strong, and sunburns can sneak up easily.

Sweatpants or warm athletic pants

Instead of shorts, bring extra pairs of long pants, or warm athletic pants to wear while you are hiking and around your tent during nighttime in spring and fall.

Puffer Jacket / Warm lightweight coat / Rain jacket

Bring an extra warm layer for your spring or fall ULUM Moab stay. You will want a lightweight warm jacket (such as a puffer) for chilly mornings and evenings around the resort and out on your hikes.

While Moab never receives a lot of precipitation (it’s a desert), October is the rainiest month with an average of 1.1 inches of rain. Bring your rain jacket just in case a stray rain shower rolls over during your adventures.


Nights can get chilly especially during the spring and fall in Moab and a beanie is nice to have while walking around ULUM Moab or enjoying the fire pit.


Similarly, gloves would be good to have at nighttime while you are roasting marshmallows or sipping a glass of wine at the firepit.

What to Pack for Moab (Non-Clothing)

Daypack / Small backpack

A daypack or small backpack is very handy for exploring Arches National Park and Canyonlands during the day. Pack it with your lunches, snacks to energize during your adventure, water and any extra layers.

Reusable water bottle

At ULUM we have a goal to sustain and protect our environment and minimize our impact on our most precious commodity; the great outdoors. For this reason, we do not have bottled water on property. We have filling stations for your use though so be sure to bring a water bottle along and fill it before your adventures or purchase one from our gift shop.


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The sun shines bright in Moab. Wear sunscreen, long layers and hats during your outdoor adventures in Arches National Park to avoid the dreaded sunburn.


Sunglasses are a must in Moab’s desert environment. The year-round sun illuminates the red color of the surrounding rocks and landscape. Enjoy the sun but protect your eyes!

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