Dipping pools at ULUM Moab

Discover the Soothing Benefits of Contrast Baths

​​Imagine a day filled with exploration of Moab's red-rock splendors: enjoying a scenic drive of Arches National Park, hiking the majestic formations in Canyonlands, or biking along the breathtaking trails surrounding the area. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, your body feels the natural tiredness of a day well spent in nature. Retreat to ULUM Moab, a unique and serene oasis where the rugged beauty of the desert seamlessly blends with wellness experiences, fostering a deep connection with yourself and the natural world.

Rejuvenate at ULUM Moab

Designed for immersion in nature and rejuvenation, luxury amenities await you at ULUM Moab. Set against the dramatic desert vistas and the iconic Looking Glass Arch, our hot and cold plunge pools are not just for relaxation—they enhance circulation, soothe muscles, and speed recovery, making them the perfect complement to exploring the nearby national parks in Moab. Let’s dive deeper into the transformative power of contrast baths and their benefits.

What is a Contrast Bath?

Contrast baths are more than a refreshing dip. This form of hydrotherapy involves alternating between hot and cold water plunges to enhance circulation, soothe tired muscles, and speed up recovery. It is an incredibly rejuvenating practice after a day of physical activity, exploration, or travel. 

How to Experience a Contrast Bath

Experience the rejuvenating therapy of a contrast bath, a simple yet profound self-care practice designed to revitalize and enhance wellbeing. Begin by sinking into a warm water pool for ten minutes, allowing the soothing heat to relax your muscles. This initial warmth is crucial for easing the tensions of the day.

Next, transition to a brisk one-minute dip in the cold plunge pool. This sudden temperature change invigorates your body, tightens your pores, and enhances circulation, which helps to reduce inflammation and sharpens the senses. After the cold plunge, return to the warm pool for another four minutes, followed again by one minute in the cold. Repeat this alternating sequence three times, completing a cycle that lasts about 30 minutes. Linger in the warm pool to ease back into your day with a sense of calm, or stay a bit in the cold pool for a burst of energy that revitalizes and propels you forward.

This contrast bath cycle revitalizes your body and deepens your connection to the present, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and more attuned to the natural beauty surrounding you. Whether you repeat the cycle or linger a while longer in the soothing warmth, this therapy is an ideal way to start or conclude a day of adventure and restore balance to your body and mind.

The Science of Hydrotherapy

Rooted in traditions from ancient civilizations, hydrotherapy using contrast baths was an integral part of a wellness routine for promoting health and enhancing well-being. Contrast bath therapy increases blood flow and oxygenation to tissues, aiding in the healing process and providing therapeutic benefits that are both immediate and lasting. Athletes and adventurers alike find this treatment essential for quick recovery. At ULUM Moab, we embrace this tradition and its science-backed benefits by offering our guests hot and cold dipping pools.

The Benefits of Contrast Baths

The scientifically proven therapeutic benefits of contrast baths include reduced fatigue, decreased muscle soreness, rapid elimination of lactic acid, and reduced swelling. These benefits make contrast baths an unparalleled way to rejuvenate after the day’s physical activities, ensuring that your body and mind are restored and ready for whatever adventure tomorrow may hold in exploring Moab’s stunning landscape.

ULUM’s Wellness Offerings

Steps from Looking Glass Arch, our ULUM Moab is a hub of wellness amenities and complimentary activities such as daily yoga, sound bath meditations, tea blending classes, and guided plant medicine walks, all designed to enhance your connection with yourself and the majestic Moab landscape. These activities are the perfect complement to desert adventures. Indulge in an elevated culinary experience of al fresco dining, sip colorful mocktails with a view from our terraced patio, and gather around the fireside for s’mores at dusk. Round out your day by stargazing from your private, luxurious, safari-inspired accommodations before sinking into a plush, king-size bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Ready to experience adventure in connection with nature? We invite you to experience ULUM Moab and embrace a wellness journey that revitalizes both body and mind in the heart of nature.

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