Stars at Arches National Park

Guide to Moab Stargazing

Stargazing in Moab is an unforgettable experience, a cosmic journey that reflects and amplifies our connection to the universe, the planet, and each other. Whether you're an avid astronomer or simply captivated by the celestial wonders above, the night sky over Moab, Utah, is brimming with awe-inspiring splendors that spark creativity, romance, and reflection.

Join us as we explore the best locations for stargazing in Moab and provide tips to make the most of your night under the stars.

Where to Stargaze in Moab

Moab is a sanctuary for stargazers and astrophotographers, distinguished by its three prestigious International Dark Sky Parks: Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point State Park. These celestial havens serve as idyllic backdrops, offering unspoiled views of the night sky's magnificent grandeur.

Arches National Park

Situated just a 45-minute drive from ULUM Moab, Arches is known for its more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches. During the evenings at this Dark Sky Park, the stunning stone arches frame the twinkling stars and create a picture-perfect view. Here, you can witness how the desert landscape harmonizes with the sky, offering a unique perspective for Moab stargazing.

 Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands, a 55-minute drive from ULUM Moab, offers surreal and awe-inspiring panoramic galaxy views. As a Dark Sky Park, its vast horizons ensure an unobstructed panorama of the cosmos, perfect for photographers and stargazing enthusiasts alike. For more information on the best stargazing spots, explore our exclusive Guide to Stargazing in Canyonlands.

Dead Horse Point State Park

Only an hour’s drive from ULUM Moab, Dead Horse State Park—awarded Dark Sky Park status in 2016—stands as one of Utah’s premier stargazing locations. Perched atop a high plateau, it offers sweeping lines of sight, granting a nearly full view of the celestial sphere. Here, under the stars, Moab stargazing becomes an experience of wonder and inspiration.

 ULUM Moab

Nestled in a secluded, crescent-shaped desert landscape, surrounded by 100-foot sandstone cliffs, ULUM Moab  is the perfect place to stargaze. With spacious, safari-inspired Suite Tents, luxurious amenities (including a full-service restaurant, three dipping pools, and a yoga deck), and an endless variety of activities and adventures to explore, this one-of-a-kind outdoor resort allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of nature and view the cosmic wonders above in a uniquely profound way.

Top Tips for Stargazing

Here are a few things to keep in mind to enhance your stargazing experience:

Know the Moon's Phases: A less bright moon will make stars more visible. Try to coincide your visit with a new moon, as the skies will be even darker. If you can’t, that’s okay–you’ll still have a window of dark-sky time before the moon comes over the horizon. Check the sunrise and sunset times and moon phases at

Use a Star Map: Many apps are available to help you locate specific stars and constellations. Use apps like StarWalk or Night Sky to visually map the stars and planets overhead using your phone.

Bring Proper Equipment: Binoculars or a small telescope can greatly enhance your experience. If you’re hiking to a stargazing spot, bring a headlamp or flashlight that uses red-light mode and give your eyes at least 20 minutes to adapt to the darkness.

Dress Appropriately: It can get chilly in the desert at night, so dress warmly and bring blankets for a cozy evening beneath the stars.

Sleep Under the Stars

Stay at ULUM Moab and experience the night sky like never before. After a day of adventure, you can unwind with post-sunset activities, socialize around a crackling campfire, enjoy complimentary s’mores, and gaze up at the night sky to view the wonders of the cosmos. Book your stay now and discover one of the most awe-inspiring stargazing destinations in the world.

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