View of couches in ULUM Moab's lobby lounge

Sustainable Innovation: ULUM's Commitment to Sustainability

Nestled in the heart of Moab’s stunning desert landscape lies ULUM Moab, a luxurious escape for wellness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With an unparalleled design that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, this exceptional outdoor resort provides an unforgettable experience that will rejuvenate both body and soul.

But ULUM Moab is more than just a beautiful retreat; it's a testament to sustainable innovation. From its locally sourced design elements to its support of The Nature Conservancy, every aspect of this one-of-a-kind resort is crafted with the environment in mind. Let’s look closer at ULUM Moab's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly luxury travel.

Design Inspired by Nature

ULUM Moab’s spaces are a true reflection of the beauty and tranquility of nature inside and out—with architecture and organic materials inspired by the natural elements surrounding the 200-acre property.

Lobby and Lounge

The contemporary, light-filled lobby is the perfect gathering space for connecting with each other and with nature. Rooted in a commitment to low-impact development and design, it incorporates organic materials like local stone, polished concrete, and natural woods throughout. A stunning, custom-crafted chandelier, a focal point of the lobby, is made entirely of (sustainable) quartzite fragments found on the property. Below the chandelier is a coffee table made from a solid piece of petrified wood that is estimated to be at least 40 million years old and weighs an impressive 3,020 pounds. At ULUM Moab, the design is all about the details.

From the lobby and adjacent terraced patio, you can sink into comfortable West Elm furnishings, take in the sweeping views of Looking Glass Arch and Canyonlands National Park through the floor-to-ceiling windows that blur the boundary between inside and outside, and feel the warm sun on your skin as you soak up the serene atmosphere of this breathtaking desert hideaway. In the evenings, experience the magic of a desert sunset followed by a stargazing session under the infinite night sky, which is brighter and clearer here than almost anywhere in the U.S., thanks to our commitment to International Dark Sky principles.

Suite Tents

ULUM Moab’s safari-inspired tents have been expertly built into the contours of the land. Each Suite Tent features comfortable king-sized beds, soft Parachute linens, woodburning stoves, and ensuite bathrooms with Aesop bath products. To conserve water and energy, the tents offer low-level lighting, low-flush toilets, and full housekeeping services available upon request.

Full-Service Restaurant

ULUM Moab's dining experience celebrates fresh, sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients. Southwest-inspired flavors are masterfully crafted using seasonal produce, minimizing the resort's carbon footprint and providing guests with an authentic taste of the region.

Guests can choose to indulge in al fresco dining on the patio or take in the breathtaking views from the comfort of the indoor dining area. Start with the crisp, refreshing apple and jicama salad, complemented by spiced pepitas. Move on to the succulent smoked trout, perfectly paired with savory roasted vegetables and tangy black garlic salsa. End your meal on a sweet note with ULUM Moab’s s'mores, surrounded by the warmth and flickering glow of a nightly crackling fire.

Car Chargers

As part of its commitment to supporting sustainable living, ULUM Moab offers Rivian Waypoints Level 2 chargers for guests, promoting responsible adventure and the convenience of an overnight charge while you sleep.

The ULUM® Moab Experience

At ULUM Moab, the experience is more than just a stay—it's a commitment to inspiring connections with extraordinary places, people, and the planet.

Onsite Activities

ULUM Moab offers complimentary eco-friendly and sustainable activities that allow guests to connect with nature while minimizing their impact on the environment. Guided nature walks, led by knowledgeable local guides, take guests through the stunning surrounding landscape, highlighting the unique flora and fauna that make this region special. During these walks, guests are encouraged to observe and appreciate the natural environment without disturbing it in any way.

Morning and evening yoga classes promote a deeper connection with nature, with outdoor sessions provided on the resort's peaceful and picturesque yoga deck. Acoustic live music performances allow guests to enjoy local musicians playing in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere. All of the events and activities are carefully curated to be low-impact and sustainable, with an emphasis on respect for the natural environment.

National Park Adventures

Embark on a thrilling adventure to nearby Canyonlands and Arches national parks and witness the awe-inspiring geological formations of stunning red rock canyons. Let our Adventure Concierge arrange unforgettable outings like Colorado River rafting or canyoneering, where you can experience the rush of the cool water and the adrenaline of rappelling down narrow canyons. These excursions will immerse you in the beauty and uniqueness of nature's design, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors and unforgettable memories of your time at ULUM Moab.

Travel in Nature

ULUM Moab is more than an outdoor resort. It's a destination that invites guests to connect with nature and themselves. With unparalleled outdoor luxury, sustainable design, and an unwavering commitment to wellness and conservation, ULUM Moab offers a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, relax in unparalleled luxury, and contribute to a more sustainable world by staying at ULUM Moab.

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