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ULUM Guide Highlight: Eric Odenthal

Eric Odenthal fell in love with Moab, Utah, at a very young age. A native of California, Eric’s parents were avid rafters who spent part of each summer on Utah’s Green River. He was just five years old when he experienced his first Southeastern Utah rafting adventure. Three years later, when he was eight, he went climbing with his dad for the first time – on Kane Creek Road just outside of Moab. By then, he was hooked on this little slice of desert paradise and destined to return time and time again.

The Adventurous Beauty of Moab

Moab is known for its soaring red rock cliffs, other worldly rock formations, and some of the largest natural arches in the world. Its breathtaking vistas and untamed desert landscapes make it an ideal spot for adventure lovers of all kinds. Mountain bikers flock to Moab’s hundreds of miles of slickrock trails, hikers enjoy trekking to its stunning scenic overlooks; and climbers love discovering new routes to awe-inspiring summits. While Eric was passionate about all of these adventures (and so much more), it was Moab’s world-class rocking climbing that kept him coming back for more. As he explains, by his late-teens and early-20s, “climbing just became a part of me.”

A Moab Rock Climbing Guide 

In 2006, Eric moved to Moab where, for several years, he worked numerous jobs in an effort to help fund his love of climbing and traveling the world. Finally, in 2010, he harnessed his “pure passion and love for the desert and every adventure it provides” to make his dream a reality by starting a guide service in Moab. Since then, Eric has been providing exceptional guided rock climbing, rappelling, and canyoneering tours to people throughout the Moab area.

One of his favorite guided tours is at Looking Glass Arch, just a stone’s-throw from ULUM Moab. This thrilling half-day excursion—a great introductory climb, ideal for beginners and intermediate outdoor enthusiasts who are not afraid of heights—features a fun multi-pitch summit with unobstructed, 360-degree view of the Las Sal Mountains and Canyonlands National Park, followed by a thrilling 140-foot rappel down, which many people consider one of the best rappelling experiences in the region.

Along the way, individuals who are interested can learn about climbing and rappelling techniques, rope systems and knots, and fun facts about the history and geology of the area. As an added bonus, Eric can provide tips on how to capture the best photos of this unforgettable experience. As a trained professional photographer, he knows all the tricks for getting the best shots from the sides and summit of every rock wall in the area.

A World Traveler and Pioneer

When not guiding and sharing his passion for rock climbing with visitors to the Canyonlands region, Eric spends much of his time traveling the world. He has climbed all over the walls of iconic climbing destinations such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and the Sierra Nevada, and has ventured to other climbing meccas in Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and, most recently, the Hampi bouldering area in India.

Ever a pioneer, he has also established hundreds of first ascents in California, Nevada, and Utah, including many of the introductory routes in the Moab area (including several that individuals may climb during their guided tour). An exceptionally skilled, experienced, patient, and passionate outdoorsman, Eric is one of the best guides in Southeastern Utah, providing unmatched adventures that individuals of all levels and interests will remember for years to come.

Book Guided Rock Climbing Through ULUM Moab

Guests at ULUM Moab can learn more about Eric and his guided climbing, rappelling, and canyoneering tours by contacting an Adventure Concierge, who can help arrange a full- or half-day adventure.

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