Why Dining in Moab is Key to a Luxury Experience

Imagine a place where the rugged beauty of the Southwest meets the refinement of a luxury destination—a haven that intertwines a gastronomic journey with the allure of nature. This is ULUM Moab, where each meal is an invitation to engage your senses in a culinary adventure as captivating as the surrounding landscapes. Discover why each moment at ULUM Moab is worth savoring.

Culinary Offerings

Here at ULUM, we honor the power of wholesome, nutritious food, recognizing it as the fuel that drives adventure and weaves threads of community. The resort’s culinary offerings are thoughtfully curated, prioritizing fresh, regionally inspired ingredients and the vibrant flavors and colors of the Southwest.

To get a taste of ULUM Moab’s menu, imagine starting your meal with a harmonious blend of charcuterie options, accented by local prickly pear jelly and wildflower honeycomb. The main course might be a juicy bison burger or a delicately smoked Idaho trout, perfectly complemented by broccolini or battered fries with black garlic aioli. The grand finale is, of course, s’mores over the fire, a sublime fusion of speciality chocolates and marshmallows, accompanied by a comforting coffee or aperitif. Note: Dining at ULUM Moab is exclusively available to guests staying at the resort.

Al Fresco Dining

ULUM’s unique indoor and outdoor dining options overlook majestic Looking Glass Arch, offering an unmatched dining experience from morning until night.


As dawn breaks, rise from your safari-inspired canvas tent and let the comforting scent of freshly brewed coffee guide you to the lobby area. Settle in on the patio or beside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the lobby and enjoy an espresso with your morning meal. The breakfast menu features everything from French toast, to egg sandwiches, to yogurt and granola—offering delicious nourishment to fuel your day.


As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows and bathing the landscape in a golden hue, indulge in small plates, entrees, and sides ranging from apple and jicama salad and grilled avocado, to smoked Idaho trout and bison burgers. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the desert twilight, delighting in every morsel of your meal while soaking up the resort’s breathtaking views.

S’mores and After-Dinner Drinks

Fortunately, the day doesn’t end with dinner. The warmth of an open fire invites you for after-dinner s’mores beneath a star-filled sky. As dusk falls, wind down with a craft brew or specialty cocktail, each sip an homage to the natural elements surrounding the resort.

Other Dining Options in Moab

Apart from the exceptional dining at ULUM, Moab is a food-lover's delight—with delicious bites waiting to be discovered in a variety of vibrant downtown restaurants. Here are three must-visit places worth exploring during your stay.

Desert Bistro is a casual upscale restaurant widely celebrated for its creative cuisine. Located in a charming historic house, this bistro provides an intimate setting to enjoy its star attraction: the Elk Tenderloin. Tender and succulent, it's a dish that captures the essence of the wild and the refinement of fine dining in a harmonious blend.

Zax Restaurant and Watering Hole is another great venue in the heart of Moab. It’s an unassuming locals’ favorite with a variety of menu options. Its signature Zax BBQ Ribs are slow-cooked to perfection and served with a tangy, smoky sauce—a must-try for any visitor.

Moab Garage Co is a retro café that combines the nostalgia of a restored 1930s gas station with the contemporary sophistication of a modern coffee house. The restaurant’s artisanal brews are a sensation, but the standout is the Canyonlands Cold Brew, a cooling, caffeinated delight that provides perfect refreshment from the desert heat.

While the broader Moab area offers its own unique culinary treasures, at ULUM, we invite you to a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. It's here, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Southwest, where luxury, nature, and gastronomy intertwine, crafting an experience that lingers on your palate long after your stay.


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