Why Outdoor Yoga in Moab is a Must-Experience Activity

Imagine trading your everyday surroundings for a stunning red-rock landscape, the magical appeal of Utah's Canyonlands National Park stretched out before you. This isn't a daydream; it's ULUM Moab, a luxury outdoor resort where nature meets nurture, and tranquility becomes your reality. From daily yoga and immersive sound-bath sessions to bike tours across picturesque terrain, this desert oasis is a haven for the health-conscious traveler seeking to rest, recharge, and reconnect with nature.

The Transformative Power of Moab Yoga

Central to this restorative journey is the transformative experience of yoga in Moab. As the sun casts its first warm hues over the desert or gently dips below the horizon, ULUM Moab’s yoga deck becomes a serene space for sunrise or sunset yoga practice. As you flow through your sun salutations, the panoramic view of the Looking Glass Arch from our soulful social space offers a soothing backdrop that complements your asana, inspiring inner peace and grounding.

A Healing Power in the Desert Southwest

There's a unique healing energy in the desert that transforms every yoga session into a magical encounter. As the pristine air fills your lungs and the warm sun shines on your skin, you find your center amidst the hushed whispers of the desert breeze. The echo of the word 'Om' resonates in your heart, syncing with the rhythms of the nature around you. As you stretch après-hike or climb, each pose unfolds against the tapestry of the red-rock landscape, releasing the accumulated tensions and inviting deep relaxation.

ULUM's Amenities: Enhancing Your Yoga Journey

But yoga in Moab doesn't end on the mat. ULUM Moab enriches your yoga journey with amenities and experiences designed to enhance your practice during your stay.

VUORI Mats and Yoga Blocks

With complimentary VUORI yoga mats and blocks at your disposal, your sessions – guided or self-practice – embrace comfort and convenience.

Hydrotherapy Dipping Pools

The fusion of yoga with hydrotherapy is another highlight of the ULUM experience. Post-yoga, surrender your body to the soothing caress of our thermal hot and cold dipping pools. The alternation of temperatures works wonders in loosening knots, easing muscle tension, and encouraging holistic relaxation.

Sound Bath Meditations

Pair your yoga practice with the soothing sounds of nature during our sound bath meditations, part of ULUM's complimentary daily programming, and you'll experience a level of calm that transcends the ordinary. Let the desert landscape guide you to a place of serenity and inner balance.

A Nourishing Retreat

Savor wholesome and nutritious fare at ULUM's full-service restaurant. After a rewarding yoga session, it presents an exquisite opportunity to replenish your body. Indulge in our fresh, made-to-order smoothies from our smoothie bar or a delicious specialty coffee or matcha drink to kickstart your day.

Experience the Magic of ULUM Moab

Embark on a transformative journey with ULUM Moab, a wellness retreat nestled amidst the folds of the desert. Here, the power of the outdoors combines with the healing energy of the environment, offering you a luxurious sanctuary in sync with nature. Whether immersing yourself in the restorative magic of Moab yoga or exploring the beauty of nearby national parks, the experience will ignite inner peace and provide a well-deserved escape from the daily grind. With amenities befitting a luxury resort, ULUM Moab invites you to embrace the healing energy of the desert and return home with a rejuvenated body and spirit.

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